Produce available at Farmers' Market Saturdays 9-1pm   

New items

Thanks for the great season!  We have some greens left and a few other storage items.  Call us if you are interested.

Bagged Greens 

$5  Bags of lettuce 
$5 Bags of Spinach

Salad Mix, either lettuce or Asian Greens and small bags of cress.

Bunched Greens


We are bringing,  Baby Bok Choy, Curly Kale, Dino, Red Kale, Choy Sum, Asian Greens, Broccolini, Noble Jade, Dandelions, and Chard that are perfect as is or in a stir fry!   
Bunched Herbs

$3 Ea. 
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Mix Herb Bunches
$4 Lemongrass bunches

Head Lettuce


Many small heads, some regular size ones too.  


$4 and $5

Hakurei Turnips $4 a basket

Beets $5   Basket  We have Gold Chiogga and Purple beets!

Celeriac or Celery Root $5 each.  These are very large!

Hot Peppers

Varies in price.

Cherry Bombs are all that's left

Sweet Peppers 

Green Peppers are $2.50 a pound



$5 a basket

Red Onions


$6 a pound

A bitter green great in salads or roasted on the grill.  Cooked or fresh this is one that's worth the add.


$2 a pound

A variety of green round, tendersweet and caraflex cabbages.  Tendersweet and caraflex are particuly nice for coleslaw! 

Winter Squash 


Jester and Carnival all that remain.  Still beautiful, taste great.


23 North Milton Road
Saratoga Springs, 12866

About us

We are an organic farm in Saratoga Springs, New, York.  We serve you because we want our community to be heathy and independent.  Please say hello to us at the Saratoga Farmers' Market. Saturdays, 9AM-1PM.

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